3rd Gen Tacoma Builds (2016+)

Mike’s 2016 Tacoma On King Coilovers And 35 Inch General Grabbers

2016 Tacoma On King Coilovers And 35 Inch General Grabbers Featured

Mike has turned his 2016 Tacoma TRD into a beast with King coilovers and 35 inch General Grabbers, among many other great mods/upgrades.

Mike’s 2016 TRD Off-Road build on 35s.

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2016 Tacoma On King Coilovers And 35 Inch General Grabbers 004

Bought off the lot with 3 miles on it. Started off as a 2016 TRD OFFROAD Premium w/JBL system.

Currently truck sits at about 2 1/2 up front and 3 in rear and has a slight rake. My build initially started as wanting to make it a clean DD with a solid suspension that I wouldn’t have to worry about. First I ordered Mobtown sliders as i knew sliders are vital with how low these trucks sit even with a lift. So, growing up in Southern California I always wanted a prerunner with some type of LT with Kings. I’ve always seen Brenthals rigs online and known them to be top notch. So when they came out with Baja kits I knew I had to jump on their products. I knew it wasn’t going to be cheap but I purchased their UCA’s with 700lb Kings and adjusters.

2016 Tacoma On King Coilovers And 35 Inch General Grabbers 008

The ride was rough for a bit as I threw on 31 BFG All terrians with SCS Ray 10s in their first limited release of brushed copper. I had no armor besides sliders at that point but I knew after that it was going to be a full on build. So I called up CBI and had them build me one of their bumpers. I had them do a little custom work covering the LED cut out as they don’t offer that on their website and I welded a plate to give it that flush look across the top. I’m no fabricator but I managed to do a decent job. I then got a deal on different skids so it’s all mismatched between 1/4in ifs to 3/16 skids and also brands from Mobtown to RCI. I ended up crunching my exhaust by the transfer case so I knew that had to be covered as soon as possible.

2016 Tacoma On King Coilovers And 35 Inch General Grabbers 011

I then got on a deal of a lifetime on 35s and it was over from there. It took so much work to get them to fit but they do now. Trick was to not run wheel spacers. Otherwise the typical cab mount chop, bang back the pinch welds and did a little fender trimming did the job. I couldn’t deal with the 3rd gen lagging with 35s so i ordered some 488s and it made a world of a difference. Not perfect but worth every penny in my opinion. Once I got my truck back from getting gears installed I built a bedrack as I was moving to Montana and could use all the bed space I could.

2016 Tacoma On King Coilovers And 35 Inch General Grabbers 010

A few weeks prior I was at Mobtown getting a few things and he let me go through his scrap pile and I was able to grab almost enough DOM tubing to build my rack. I built it based off of a mix of SOS fabrication design and Allpro and made it fit my needs as it had to fit flush over a softopper built also easily removable if needed. It came out better than expected. Since then I had to swap out my Dakar leaf pack for Allpro expos as now the build never ends and need the extra carrying capacity for roof top tent and high clearance rear bumper.  I can’t wait to be done with this build and enjoy the outdoors. Thank you for letting me post my truck and I hope this build inspires many others.

2016 Tacoma On King Coilovers And 35 Inch General Grabbers 007


  • Blueridge overland molle seat back panel.
  • Door sill protector sticker inserts. (ebay mtnrider65)
  • Glove box decal. (ebay mtnrider65)
  • Led interior light conversions.
  • Rear passenger fold down carpet.


  • MBRP 3in SS turndown exhaust.
  • K&N Cold air intake w/ custom plexiglass plate covering the hole in the fender.
  • Nitro 488’s. (solid pinion front)
  • ECGS needle bearing eliminator.


  • Tan Softopper. (frame painted black)
  • Softopper outside the rail bike mounts.
  • Tacoma tailgate decal. (ebay mtnrider65)
  • KING decal under mirror. (TRD PRO location)
  • Tacoma door badge delete.
  • V6 badge delete.
  • 2nd gen Taco front bed rail.
  • 4 Rocky mounts locking bike racks.
  • Relentless Fab dual quick fist mounts w/shovel,axe.
  • Relentless Fab hi-lift mount w/60in hi lift.
  • Relentless Fab ditch light brackets painted white.
  • Custom fabbed dual CB/light mount.


  • OPT7 Led driving lights.
  • Rigid Industries Radiance 20″ w/amber backlight. (lower grill)
  • Rigid Dually-SS spot white /amber covers.
  • Rigid Dually-SS rear facing fog white.


  • CBI full hoops w/ custom flush mount w/ Warn Zeon 10s.
  • Mobtown full bolt on slider with kickout powder coated gloss black.
  • Mobtown 1/4 ifs skid reinforced.
  • Mobtown 3/16 2nd gen reinforced mid skid.
  • Mobtown 3/16 2nd gen tranfercase skid.
  • RCI Diff skid.
  • RCI LCA skid.
  • RCI Gas Tank skid.


  • 5 – 17″ SCS Ray10’s in copper.
  • 5 – 35/12.50/17 General Grabbers.
  • (Yes 35s do fit with ALOT of trimming) And no longer rub at flex.
  • Previously had 265/70/17’s BFG k02’s.

Suspension Front:

  • Bajakits UCA.
  • King C/O with compression adjusters.
  • Spidertrax 1-1/4″ wheel spacers. (not installed)
  • Timbrens front bumps.

Suspension Rear:

  • All-Pro Expos. (Dakar leafs previously)
  • Timbren bumps w/U-bolt flip.
  • Bilstein 5125. (temporary)
  • OME carrier bearing drop.


  • Fire extinguisher.
  • Viair 400p. (portable air compressor)
  • Cobra CB radio w/Firestik.

2016 Tacoma On King Coilovers And 35 Inch General Grabbers 006

2016 Tacoma On King Coilovers And 35 Inch General Grabbers 005

Thank you to all the companies that made this possible.

  • Mobtown Offroad
  • Relentless Fab
  • SCS
  • Bajakits
  • RCI
  • CBI
  • Softopper
  • Rigid Industries
  • Nitro gears
  • Witzendfab
  • General tire
  • BFG
  • Allpro off road
  • MBRP
  • Warn



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