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The Best And Cheapest Recovery Boards – X-BULL Recovery Traction Boards

X-BULL New Recovery Traction Boards review Featured

The X-BULL New Recovery Traction Boards will quickly become your new best friend the first time you get your Tacoma stuck in the mud. This simple piece of recovery gear should be in the back of everyone’s truck. The X-Bull Recovery Traction Boards are the best, and also conveniently the cheapest recovery tracks out there.

Anything that minimizes the amount of work required to get your Toyota Tacoma or another vehicle that boasts off road performance out of the sand, snow or icy ground is worth a second look. Placing a set of X-BULL Recovery Traction Boards on the ground is way easier than trying to push or winch your truck out of the mud (how did that turn out last time?) or calling someone to tow you out. Especially since they always have that gleam in their eye that lets you know that they’re holding back laughter. These are by far the best, and also cheapest recovery/traction tracks out there.

X-BULL New Recovery Traction Tracks Sand Mud Snow Track Tire Ladder 4WD (3Gen, Black)

X-BULL New Recovery Traction Boards review 01

So, if the allure of an off-road trip is too hard to resist, you want these nylon tracks in your vehicle. Along with being affordable, the X-BULL Recovery Traction Boards:

  • A resilient double ramp design.

Each board has a ramp on each end, so tires easily mount the boards and get out of whatever they’re stuck in.

  • Reinforced nylon construction.

Yes, this was previously mentioned but is definitely a highlight of the X-BULL Recovery Traction Boards since it allows durability and keeps them lightweight. They come it at a little over 13 pounds! The nylon is also “UV stabilized” which basically means the nylon will not degrade or breakdown due to sunlight exposure. Good to know.

  • Performance enhancing teeth pattern.

This spec sounds like a sales pitch, but the pattern really does help wheels grip onto the boards minus all the spinning that makes you think you’re never going to get out of there. The fact that the tracks are raised also enhances effectiveness.

  • 10-ton flat ground capacity.

I  couldn’t test this claim since I’ve never been behind the wheel of such a hefty vehicle but if the nylon can handle it, that’s impressive.

  • Stability.

My Toyota Tacoma felt stable on the X-BULL Recovery Traction Boards when I tested them out. They held up under the weight.

  • Easy to clean.

A quick wash with a hose will do it. Add a little soap if you have a run-in with some mud.

  • Carrying bag.

It’s a nice little extra. Makes storage easy and you can just throw them in the back of your truck.

X-BULL New Recovery Traction Boards review 03

All in all, if you’re an off the grid type, save yourself from the hassle and have these in your vehicle. You’re bound to run into some trouble sooner or later. 

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