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The Best And Cheapest Toyota Tacoma Bed Mat

Toyota Tacoma Bed Mat Featured

A rubber bed mat is a great way to protect your truck bed and keep all of your off-road gear from sliding around. Before you go and spend a fortune at the dealership on a bed mat for the back of your truck take a look at the Westin Toyota Tacoma Bed Mat. This is by far the best and cheapest bed mat you’re going to find, it’s a win-win.

Everyone with a Toyota Tacoma knows that whatever cargo you put in the bed tends to slide around a lot. Depending on what you put back there, it can get quite annoying. The Weston bed mat, made for Toyota Tacomas, fixes that problem AND it’s a high-quality product. First, this bed mat fits which is always awesome. Proper fit is becoming a rarity with such products. Who knows if sellers are lying or just aren’t too bright, but they never seem to fit and before you know it, you’re trying, and miserably failing at trimming the bed mat.

Westin 50-6315 Truck Bed Mat

Westin 50-6215 Truck Bed Mat

Toyota Tacoma Rubber Bed Mat

Now let’s talk about the Westin Toyota Tacoma Bed Mat.

  • Durable rubber construction.

There’s no point buying a bed mat that can’t handle regular use. The rubber material is durable enough to handle everyday use without showing signs of wear.

  • Thick material.

It provides a little extra cushion which is great for those who load heavy items in the back that can really mess up the bed. As you probably know, loading things gently is not always possible. This bed mat is thick enough to provide the protection needed to keep your truck looking new.

  • Textured surface

The textured surface of the bed mat offers additional protection for your truck’s bed and further helps to keep cargo in place.

  • D-ring cutouts

The bed mat has D-ring cutouts at the ends. Although a small detail, it ensures a proper fit while allowing you to secure items in the back without difficulty. When you think about it, the mat would look pretty strange without the end cuts.

  • Textured bottom.

The dotted texture on the bottom of the bed mat keeps it in place. Put it down and it doesn’t budge.

  • Easy install.

Like I said, you just put it back there. It’s as simple as that! Pretty self-explanatory.

  • Easy to clean.

Take it out, hose it down, and leave it out to dry before placing it back in your truck’s bed. The mat dries fast. Just allow it to thoroughly dry before returning it to the truck to avoid trapping moisture between the mat and the bed.

Obviously, the Westin Toyota Tacoma Bed Mat is a great buy. You know you want to keep your truck bed free of scratches and prevent cargo from sliding around so get it already. You can’t go wrong.

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