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The Best Lockable And Waterproof Storage Box – Rubbermaid Actionpacker

The Best Lockable And Waterproof Storage Box - Rubbermaid Actionpacker Featured Review

If you’re in need of a solid storage solution for all of your recovery and camping gear in the back of your Tacoma, the Rubbermaid Actionpacker is by far the best lockable and waterproof storage box out there. These tough boxes also fit perfectly in the back of a Tacoma.

Anyone in need of a lockable storage box should check out the 48-gallon Rubbermaid Actionpacker Lockable Storage Box. Yeah, it probably costs a bit more than the others you’ve brought in the past, but you also must keep in mind that your previously owned cargo boxes failed you. You know the deal. They crack, dent, and you discover that the weather-resistant claim was a lie when you find your belongings wet and moldy.

Rubbermaid 1949210 Actionpacker Lockable Storage 48 Gal

The Best Lockable And Waterproof Storage Box - Rubbermaid Actionpacker In Post Review

Aside from being weather-resistant, the Actionpacker has a few highlights worth mentioning. They include:

  • Durability.

The cargo/storage box is made of strong polyethylene. I dropped mine a few times as I attempted to load it in the back of my Toyota Tacoma and it was just fine. There may have been a scratch or two that resulted from the drop but that was it.

  • Stackable.

If you purchase a few you can easily stack two or three for more compact storage. It is recommended that you secure them with a bungee cord. They can also be stored vertically when empty to save space.

  • Spacious.

One will hold a lot of stuff. The box is super spacious. The dimensions are 43.8” x 20” x 17”. Tools, things you don’t want to look at anymore, gardening supplies, etc. will fit.

  • High-quality latch.

The latch makes the box very easy to secure closed. This is what keeps water and everything else out so always latch the cargo box before storing it away.

  • Lightweight.

The box comes in at a little over 20 lbs. which is great. The lightweight frame combined with the durability is excellent.

Overall, the Rubbermaid Actionpacker Lockable Storage Box is a good buy. The quality is top notch, it does the job, durability is impressive, and it is lightweight. A security lock would have been a nice extra, but you can get a lock anywhere. For those in need of even more storage, get two. You will probably want an extra on hand.

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