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The Best Locking Console Storage Box For Your Toyota Tacoma

Need a place to keep some cash or your firearm safely locked away in your truck? Of course you do. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Console Vault for the Toyota Tacoma.

Everyone can benefit from a little automotive security. Whether you’re the type to only store cash in your Toyota Tacoma or you like to keep a watch, a couple of credit cards and maybe a few other valuables on hand, you need this vault. This locking center console storage box is well made, looks great, is easy to use and the price is right. Read all the highlights below.

Console Vault for Toyota Tacoma 2005-2014

Easy Installation.

The only way you’ll have any difficulty is if you don’t read the instructions. Skip this step and you’ll end up working on it for 30 minutes or more. Do yourself a favor and read. You don’t know how to assemble everything on your own. Although 5 minutes may be a stretch, 10 is pretty accurate.

Best Locking Console Storage Box For Your Toyota Tacoma 02

Perfect Fit.

This lockable console storage box will fit in your Toyota Tacoma like a glove. You won’t experience that rush of overwhelming doubt at any point during the installation that makes you think you’ve wasted a few hundred dollars. Don’t you hate that?

Solid Construction.

The Toyota Tacoma Console Vault is made of cold rolled plate steel and the tabs are welded nicely. It also has notch seams. The vault is very solid.


Although the Console Vault is solid, the unit is lightweight. It comes in at a mere 16 lbs.


There’s more than enough room for items most people would want to keep in their Tacoma. If you need more space, you might want to reconsider your life choices. Well, those pertaining to storing valuables in your truck.

3 Point Locking System.

You know what this is. It’s a combination lock with a three-point locking system that uses a latch channel with 3 vertical slots that attach to three hooks. Super secure.

Drill Resistant Locks.

If someone does break into your Tacoma, you’ll at least have the last laugh (as long as they don’t take the vehicle) thanks to the drill resistant locks. This console lock box is very difficult, if not impossible, to break into. On top of that, the triple guard locking system resists prying.

Spring Assisted Door.

This is always a nice feature. It almost makes you feel like you’ve achieved something every time you unlock the unit.

Powder Coat Finish.

This isn’t a big deal, but it makes the vault aesthetically pleasing.

Overall, the Console Vault is solid. It provides excellent security for your belongings, fits nicely in the console of your Tacoma and works as it should. Definitely a good buy.

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