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The Best Swing Out, Bolt On Bed Storage Box For Your Toyota Tacoma

Best Swing Out, Bolt On Bed Storage Box For Your Toyota Tacoma 02

The Toyota Tacoma Swingcase is by far one of the best bolt on, swing out and lockable storage boxes for the back of your Tacoma on the market.

If you drive a Toyota Tacoma, you probably have a ton of equipment to carry around. Otherwise, why would you have a vehicle with a bed?  Obviously, you’re not going to want to throw your smaller tools and what not into the bed of the truck because they’ll just roll around and drive you insane. Let’s go over all that the  Toyota Tacoma Undercover SwingCase Truck Storage Box has to offer.

Undercover SC401D SwingCase Truck Storage Box

Best Swing Out, Bolt On Bed Storage Box For Your Toyota Tacoma 01

Lightweight High Impact ABS Plastic Construction.

In addition to being lightweight, the ABS plastic is tough and weather resistant, so your gear will stay safe.

Easy Installation.

It may take you 10 minutes or maybe even 15 depending on your skill level but this swing out storage box easy to install as long as you read the instructions. Read. The. Instructions.


It comes with a standard twist lock. It’s nothing special but it works.

Swing Out Storage.

This lockable bed storage box conveniently swings out and does so smoothly (if you don’t mess up the installation) to give you easy access to the box. You can literally do it with one hand. Pushing it back is just as easy.

Lifts Off.

Along with easily swinging out for convenience, you can easily lift the storage box off the mount and take it with you then reattach once you’re done. Oh, and when you detach the box, you can just place it on the floor because it stands up on its own too.

75 lb. Weight Capacity.

This is impressive. Feel free to load the storage box up. Just don’t load it with too much stuff if you plan to take it with you on projects – and you aren’t that strong.


The dimensions are 16 x 8.5 x 34 inches, so the Swingcase is quite spacious. There’s more than enough room for tools, paint brushes, or whatever else you would put in a storage box.

You know you could use more storage in the bed of your Tacoma so go for it. Get the Swingcase. Hey, you can even get two. They install in the unused space of your truck’s bed anyway so why not double up? Lastly, the Swingcase comes with a one-year warranty but I’m pretty sure it will make it past that. Again, the plastic is tough.

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