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The Best Toyota Tacoma Bed Storage System – DECKED

Toyota Tacoma DECKED Storage System Featured

The DECKED truck bed storage system for the Toyota Tacoma is by far one of the best bed storage solutions out there.

This is a Toyota Tacoma accessory to get excited about – considering storage excites you which it totally should since it allows you to get more use out of your truck. The DECKED pickup truck storage system for the Toyota Tacoma will have the bed of your truck decked out! Too much? Well, it’s an impressive storage system. Let’s talk.

DECKED Pickup Truck Storage System for Toyota Tacoma (2005-current) 5′ 1″ bed length


The DECKED storage system is constructed from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) which is a lightweight, super strong, impact resistant material along with steel. Both of which makes the 2000 lbs. deck load rating possible.

2000 lbs. Deck Load Rating.

Yeah, I’m mentioning this again because it is a huge selling point. Along with gaining storage space, you can continue loading things in the bed of your Toyota Tacoma as you normally would. Obviously, your loads are going to be elevated but who cares? This is awesome!

Two Drawer System.

This midsize system offers impressive storage space. It features one full-size drawer that fits regular dividers and a narrow drawer, both of which are weatherproof. The full-size drawer is obviously for larger items while the narrow drawer is ideal for tools and painting supplies like brushes, among other things.

200 lb. Drawer Capacity.

The drawers hold up to 200 lbs. They’re super sturdy so you can load them up!

Easy Slide Drawers.

They have industrial-grade wheels underneath so your days of fighting with your storage drawers to access your equipment are over. You know you embarrassingly lost that fight way too many times. Even better – they slide out at waist level.

Toyota Tacoma DECKED Storage System In Post


Assembly is straightforward. Read the instructions and you’ll be good. Dimensions once assembled are 68 x 64 x 12 inches.


The entire storage system comes in at 220 pounds but does require assembly. You might want to get a friend to help you out to move things along more quickly. Having a second person makes it easier to lift the assembled system onto the bed.


Depending on the model year of your Toyota Tacoma, you will either have to drill 4 or 8 holes in the bed of your precious truck to install. It isn’t that serious. Installation is easy. Set aside a little time on a Saturday, grab a drill and make it happen.

Obviously, this is a good buy if you’re in need of some extra storage. You get that storage and still have full use of your truck’s bed. What else could you want?

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