Post Your Tacoma Build

Post Your Toyota Tacoma Build Featured

Have a Toyota Tacoma build? Well you need to show it off a bit.

People are getting tired of flipping through 100+ pages on forums just to read about your Tacoma – Make it easy for them by posting and sharing your build here. All builds welcome, everything from “mild to wild”.

Send your build information with whatever pictures you would like to share to [email protected]

Think of this as your badass build page – because that’s pretty much what it is. It really doesn’t matter how “built” your truck is to post it.

  • The more details you give the better.
  • Make sure to send me whatever social media you want included.
  • Go ahead and put a few minutes of time into this. When people see your Tacoma they are going to want to know all about it. So don’t be shy, tell the world all about your truck.
  • Don’t forget, if you want a sticker, to include a good mailing address.

As soon as I get the email I will get it posted up for you. Thanks!!

You might also want to post –¬†

  • Trip Reports
  • Videos
  • Mods/Tech
  • Product/Shop Reviews
  • Builds
  • Upcoming Toyota Tacoma Events

I say again –¬†Send your build information with whatever pictures you would like to share to [email protected]

And….. If you want a badass vinyl truck decal (free if you post your Tacoma), just shoot me a good mailing address and I’ll send you one. They are about 1.25 inches tall and approx 6 inches wide.

BuiltTacomas.Com Vinyl Truck Sticker

These badass decals are made by TEQ Decals – He makes tons of pretty awesome and unique (and even custom) Tacoma decals, definitely worth a look!

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