1st Gen Tacoma Builds (1995-2004)

Carter’s SAS First Gen Tacoma Build

SAS First Gen Tacoma Build Featured

Carter did a great job putting together the SAS on his 2002 Tacoma, turning the truck into a super capable beast.

So here’s my SAS 2002 Toyota Tacoma double cab I’ve had since I was 16. My Tacoma had just broke 300k miles and I figured I’d do something cool with it. First was setting up the 3 link with 2.5 F-O-A coilovers with 14 inches of travel. The rear shocks are Fox 2.0 with 14 inches of travel and Chevy 63” rear leaf springs. I chose a Dana 44 out of a Wagoneer and did a Yukon Grizzly locker with some chromoly axle shafts and a 4:88 gear set. I decided to keep the factory e-locker in the rear. I bought Trail-Gear’s new Taco Crawl Box  with a 4.7 gear ratio. It was a little spendey but worth it for what I use the truck for. I had a braking issue for a long time so I ended up swapping a 3rd gen V6 booster and a Chevy one ton master to solve the issue. I finished the SAS up with a set of 39” BFG Red Label tires.

SAS First Gen Tacoma Build 02

SAS First Gen Tacoma Build 03

SAS First Gen Tacoma Build 01


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