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The AJT DESIGN Toyota Tacoma Fob Case

AJT DESIGN Toyota Tacoma Fob Case Featured

The AJT DESIGN Toyota Tacoma is the best fob case out there for someone looking for a quick and simple accessory.

Those who drive a Toyota Tacoma may be underwhelmed by the current aesthetics of their remote. By now yours is probably scratched up from you clumsily dropping it too many times and want it to look not so sad anymore or, more importantly, want to protect your frequency operated button (yes that’s what fob stands for). I mean, it is kind of important and replacements are costly. Obviously, there are other things you rather spend $200+ on. Whatever your reasons, the AJT DESIGN Injection Fob Case is a good choice. Let’s discuss.

AJT DESIGN Injection Fob Case (2016+Tacoma) Quicksand

AJT DESIGN Toyota Tacoma Fob Case In Post

Made of ABS Plastic.

The high strength injection molded plastic is impact resistant, so your fob will survive whatever you put it through. Although the life of a fob shouldn’t be that hard.

Two-Piece Case.

Both halves are well made. They fit together as they should and are finished nicely. Edges are smooth. Even more importantly, the mold allows easy access to the buttons so no problems there.

Socket Head Cap Screw Installation.

Snap on cases are annoying. Yeah, they are easy to put on but when you want to swap cases or clean the fob, removing it is tough. On top of that, the cheap plastic often cracks, and you have to get a new one. This case actually bolts together. All you need is an Allen wrench. You probably have a few on hand. If not, one is included. Assembly takes no more than 2 minutes.

Rugged Design.

The Toyota Tacoma is a pretty rugged vehicle. This fob case has the same look. If you care about aesthetics, you’ll dig this. If not, you’ll be happy it serves its purpose.


The price is right. It’s a high-quality case. I’ve had mine for a while and expect it to last even longer. Furthermore, the case doesn’t show signs of wear. I haven’t noticed any cracks either despite dropping it here and there so it’s durable.

All in all, this is a good buy. The case helps keep your remote safe, looks great and is money well spent. Who needs anything else?

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