Toyota Tacoma Bed D-Rings Featured

One complaint I had when I first got My Tacoma was the lack of tie-down points for tough boxes and gear in the bed of my truck. Well, ladies and gentlemen here is the solution to that problem – extra Toyota Tacoma Bed D-Rings.

A good D-Ring is hard to find. Okay, it really isn’t but this is a good buy. These extra Toyota Tacoma bed D-rings are black (presentation is important), they are strong and will do the job whether you plan to use it as a tie down point in the bed of your Toyota Tacoma for gear or to mount something like a bike or a motorcycle. Here’s a quick rundown of why these D-rings are a great buy. 

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Toyota Tacoma Bed D-Rings Review

  • Load capacity.

The D-rings have an impressive 2400-pound breaking strength and 800-pound working load. I haven’t tested the max load, but I buy it. The D-rings themselves are made of  ¼ inch thick steel rodding. Very strong, heavy duty construction.

  • Free moving ring.

We’ve all been disappointed by D-rings with a defected clip that hinders the ring’s movement. That isn’t an issue with these D-rings.

  • Easy installation.

Installation is self-explanatory for anyone who owns a Toyota Tacoma or something similar. Simply pull out the bed bolts using a T55 Torx bit, grind the lip off of the bed bolt then stick the D-ring on the bolt and bolt her back into the bed.

  • Minimal profile.

These don’t stick out and get in the way of things. Once bolted and secured they lay pretty flat against the surface. That’s always good.

  • Black finish.

The D-rings looks nice. The high-quality finish also ensures that the D-rings wear well. The black finish is more aesthetically pleasing than the usual dull zinc coating applied to similar rings and is corrosion resistant (no one likes rust). I’ve had a few installed in the bed of my truck for a while and they still look good. No one’s really checking out the bed of my truck but again, rust/corrosion isn’t a good look.

  • Cost

For this price, you might as well buy a few so you always have spares on hand. You never know when you might need an extra or have to replace a low-quality D-ring you have installed now.

Overall, this D-ring is made of steel, the ring is solid, well made, has a nice finish, it has the necessary durability and, most importantly, it serves its purpose. Get it, install it properly and pat yourself on the back when you do. 

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