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The Toyota Tacoma Pedal Commander

Toyota Tacoma Pedal Commander

If you’re looking for better performance and better fuel economy you might want to stick a Pedal Commander on your Tacoma.

The simple description of the Pedal Commander is that it is a throttle response controller which can essentially remove response delays on vehicles with an electronic gas pedal. How the Pedal Commander works is that it heightens the signal that will be sent from the sensor that is located on your gas pedal to the main computer in your Tacoma, or ECU. The reason the Pedal Commander is becoming so popular, particularly with Toyota Tacoma owners, is that the way in which vehicles have been designed have been found to have a slower response time, rather than the ones you would experience with the older throttle cables. It is not designed to make your car faster, but to give your car an overall smoother performance, and potentially make your fuel last longer.

Pedal Commander throttle response controller PC38 for Toyota – get increased performance or save fuel up to 20%

Toyota Tacoma Pedal Commander Review 02

So, can the Pedal Commander give your Tacoma an increase in performance or potentially save your fuel by up to 20%, or is it a ‘fad’? There are a few Pedal Commanders out on the market at the moment, however, this seems to be one of the most compatible and responsive Pedal Commanders out there, and here are the reasons why.

There are four modes to choose from:

With the Pedal Commander, you are in control, literally, you can choose how you would prefer your throttle to respond, as well as interchanging the modes as you see fit. Each of the modes come with nine different sensitivity levels, so in essence, you can find the perfect mode for you, and your Toyota Tacoma.

  1. Eco Mode: Maximize on your fuel (can possibly save you up to 20%)
  2. City Mode: referred to as the ‘old school throttle’ experience
  3. Sports Mode: allows a faster acceleration due to the response from the pedal to the ECU
  4. Sport + Mode

All modes are easily-adjustable when driving.

Toyota Tacoma Pedal Commander Review 01

Easy Installation Process:

The Toyota Tacoma Pedal Commander has been designed perfectly so that it can be installed without the help of a mechanic. Advertised as being able to be installed in “10 minutes or less”. This handy device is effectively a plug and play system. All of the Toyota Tacoma Pedal Commanders come with an easy to follow instruction guide; the bonus is you do not even have to go under the hood of your vehicle. It connects just above your gas pedal and remains on the inside of your truck.


If this is something that you want to add on to your Toyota Tacoma, then it is compatible with all models from 2004 – 2018.  Another bonus of using the Pedal Commander is that it will not impact your manufacturer’s guarantee or void any warranties.

So if it’s a smoother ride and better driving experience that you are seeking then you might want to get you a Pedal Commander.

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