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Toyota Tacoma T-Slot Nuts For The Bed Rail

Toyota Tacoma T-Slot Nuts For The Bed Rail Featured

If you are planning on mounting a bed rack for your RTT, or anything else for that matter on the bed rails in the back of your Tacoma, you will absolutely need these T-Slot nuts.

There’s a lot of things you can mount to the bed rails of your Toyota Tacoma. Whether you want to mount a bike rack, bed rack for your RTT or whatever else you have your sights on, you will need these T-nuts to get the job done. They make it easy to affix just about anything to the rail system. There are also quite a few things worth mentioning about these T-slot nuts.

1018 Steel T-Slot Nut, Black Oxide Finish, Grade 5, Tapped Through, 3/8″-16 Threads, 5/8″ Height, 9/16″ Slot Depth, Made in US (Pack of 5)

The Hillman Group 44018 3/8-16 x 1-Inch Button Socket Cap Screw, Stainless Steel, 5-Pack

Toyota Tacoma T-Slot Nuts For The Bed Rail Review

Let me tell you a little about these bed rail T-Nuts.

  • 1018 steel construction.

1018 steel is tough, has good ductility and impressive strength qualities.

  • Corrosive resistant.

The T-Nuts are obviously going to be out and exposed to the elements (you know you don’t always cover the bed) so a lasting product is a must. These T-nuts are steel with a corrosion resistant black oxide finish that keeps them looking good for quite some time.

  • Good fit.

They fit the Toyota Tacoma bed rail systems perfectly. I used them on my truck and didn’t run into any issues. The T-nuts are also compatible with the rail system on the Toyota Tundra. Bolts thread through with ease.

  • Secure hold.

Mounted items don’t budge from the rails. Once affixed they’re secure.

  • Working load limit.

The limit is 24200 pounds. If that doesn’t accommodate your needs,  who knows what you’re up to.

  • Good value for the money.

Five come in a pack. You may need them all, you may not. Good value either way. If you don’t use all the T-nuts, having a few on hand won’t hurt.

  • Dimensions.

The T-nuts measure 5/8″ width by 7/8″ height with a thread size of 3/8″-16. The table slot is 9/16″ while the base size is 1-1/8″.

These T-nuts are needed to successfully mount anything on your truck’s railing system. If you’re going to complete the job, you might as well do it right and use quality parts. These will not disappoint. They are as special as T-nuts can get.

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